Yii Breadcrumbs & Zurb Foundation

Customizing the Yii breadcrumb widget to output your preferred markup is pretty simple. I recently worked on integrating the Zurb Foundation CSS framework with…

The World before the Deluge - caption: 'Dinosaurs fighting'

Mediawiki Active Directory Authentication

Installing LDAP_Authentication AD authentication extension for mediawiki was a nightmare. Installing LDAP_Authentication Extension cd into the wiki’s extensions directory. Clone the extension’s git master:…


Trac – Configure New Environment

Trac allows the hosting of multiple environments/projects using a single install. However, setting it up is not so straight-forward. Configure your new Trac environment…


Migrating Drupal To WordPress

The following are my notes on a few sql queries used to convert the schema of a few Drupal tables to wordpress: Resources


Patching Drupal to 5.23

Patch files are available for updating Drupal which makes it much easier than the old method of unarchiving .tgz files. Make sure to test…


Midtier Reinstall and Hotfix

A recent service call with Remedy for a hotifx resulted in a complete overhaul of how miditer is installed. Midtier Reinstall Remove all instances…


CKFinder Drupal Integration

Replacing TinyMCE with CKEditor and CKFinder. TinyMCEis a popular WYSIWYG editor I used by default on a few sites. However, it’s file/image uploader is…