Yii Breadcrumbs & Zurb Foundation

Customizing the Yii breadcrumb widget to output your preferred markup is pretty simple. I recently worked on integrating the Zurb Foundation CSS framework with…

The World before the Deluge - caption: 'Dinosaurs fighting'

Mediawiki Active Directory Authentication

Installing LDAP_Authentication AD authentication extension for mediawiki was a nightmare. Installing LDAP_Authentication Extension cd into the wiki’s extensions directory. Clone the extension’s git master:…


Gitlab Install

Installing Ruby yaml Ruby gem will thrown an error each time it runs that it wasn't compiled with libyaml. The following links fixed this…


Trac – Configure New Environment

Trac allows the hosting of multiple environments/projects using a single install. However, setting it up is not so straight-forward. Configure your new Trac environment…


Migrating Drupal To WordPress

The following are my notes on a few sql queries used to convert the schema of a few Drupal tables to wordpress: Resources http://socialcmsbuzz.com/convert-import-a-drupal-6-based-website-to-wordpress-v27-20052009/