WordPress Default Category Plugin

WordPress Default Category Demo

WordPress Default Category Demo

I was recently tasked at work to migrate a blog running WordPress 1.5 to a multisite WordPress 3 server. The data migration was simple enough. However, the old blog auto-selected categories based on the poster’s current geo-location. This was a hack that was hard-coded into the template.

Well it wouldn’t be wise for me to hack up the template since it is a multisite server! So, I ported the code as a plugin.

Since there was no way I could release this custom plugin due to it’s proprietary nature, I decided to create a plugin that performs a similar function.

The WordPress Default Category Plugin allows you to set default categories for new posts. It’s totally user configurable and is easily installable through your WordPress plugin management page.

Visit the Github repo if you’d like to fork or contribute to development.

Mahalo nui loa to WPTavern for the awesome write-up just hours after the plugin went live at wordpress.org!